Satyr Jokes Are Just Too Fauny!!


“You have GOAT to be kidding me!!”

That’s probably what you’re thinking right about now after looking at the first pun. But this is what happens when people just leave me all baaaa myself? See what I did there? No? Well it was a goat pun! When it comes to your daily dose of pun, have no fear!! Because I goat your back!! Ewe have no idea how much I love puns, let alone ones about animals. But that’s enough puns for now, because now it’s onto the fun stuff! These photos, like basically all my other one’s were taken at DGO, but this time they were taken in the Oasis’ Enchanted Meadow.



The incredibly amazing photo above consists of;

Hair: Doe: Rummy (Solid) – Colors

Dress: ROGUE: Moon Amore: Ceres

Shoes: Curb! Boho Pearl Feet Jewelry Slink High & TMP Ouch & Maitreya


Fun In The Sun


“Palm trees
Ocean breeze
Salty air
Sun kissed hair
Endless Summer
Take me there.”

My midsummer daydream got me stuck in a summer time mindset which lead to me taking these lovely photos in a sort of makeshift photo shoot. So I’ll go photo by photo and list the things I’m wearing beneath them to make it easier. Well excluding the last one because there’s already a post about it which you lovely people can check out.



In this super fabulous and amazing photo I’m wearing;

Hair: Doe: Arora (Two Tone) – Pastels

Tattoo: :::PreciousTattoos::: S5-16

Bikini: Sweet Thing. Bone Bikini – Noir


In this super fabulous and amazing photo I’m wearing;

Hair: Doe: Arora (Two Tone) – Pastels

Tattoo: :::PreciousTattoos::: S5-16

Bikini: Blueberry – Tyrkini – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Aqua


In this super fabulous and amazing photo I’m wearing;

Hair: Doe: Arora (Two Tone) – Pastels

Tatoos: :::PreciousTattoos::: S5-16
Ivy’s Shop.:Steam punk heart tattoo:.

Bikini: _CD_ Tania Swim Bottom Maitreya Aqua
_CD_ Tania Swim Top Maitreya Aqua


In this super fabulous and amazing photo I’m wearing;

Hair: Doe: Arora (Two Tone) – Pastels

Tattoo: :::PreciousTattoos::: S5-16

Bikini: -Nomi- Callie Bikini Sea

Midsummer Daydream

Midsummer Daydream.jpg

“Happiness is the sand between my toes, and the sunburn on my noes.”


Thalassophile: (n) a person who loves the sea, and oceans.


The water has always been, and more than likely always will be my second home. So for me, Summer will always be the greatest season. You get to feel the sand between your toes, the salty breeze tickles your noes, and everything seems right with the world because how could it not? Someone somewhere is probably going “Water you doing with your life Eva? It’s not even close to Summer yet!” and I’m shore you sea what I did there with the puns, sorry I like to go with the flow of things (I’m really not that sorry) but to those of you who decided to ask that wonderful question the answer to it is quite simple. I am living my dreams.


In my dreams there’s no snow on the ground, and I’m at the beach relaxing in the sun and trying my hardest not to get a bad sunburn, which is always inevitable (mainly because I’m as pale as they come). My dreams are always somewhere set in Summer where I’m by the ocean living my dreams. So I thought to myself, why not live em?


The amazingly fabulous photo above has the following things in it;

Hair: Doe: Arora (Two Tone) – Pastels

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Head: Catwa Head Catya

Eyes: [Buzz] Okina Eyes – Obsidian

Shape: Be Yourself Body Shop – Shape Patty (Catwa Bento)

Skin: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Madyson FR” Nordic 

Tattoo: :::PreciousTattoos::: S5-16

Outfit: #1 MC.BikiniTop.Goddess.Rare
              #5 MC.BikiniBottoms.Goddess
#9 MC.Necklace.Goddess
#13 MC.Bracelet.Goddess Multi
#13 MC.Bracelet.Goddess Single Thick Arrow
#17 MC.Cuff.Goddess Delicate Arrow
#17 MC.Cuff.Goddess Tripple


**I’ll always be wearing the same shape, skin, eyes, head and body unless stated otherwise in the upcoming photos**



You’ll have to try not to snicker but there are so many reeseons why I will love this photo till the day I die. Ending up in the DGO’s Candyland was almost mint to be. I mean I don’t want to milk it with these puns but like this place is way cool! I can definitely say that landing here was a real skor.


Alright, alright I think that’s enough candy related puns for now. So lets move on to the details that you all really wanna know  about.

The magical picture above consists of:

  • Doe: Artemis (Two Tone) – Candy RARE
  • Blueberry – Mia – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Faded Light
  • Tres Blah – Strapy Cami – White
  • Tres Blah – Catby Shrug – Grey
  • -KC-JORA BOOTS /Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Meshproject, Tonic


Maybe someday my prince will come


“We can’t all be princesses, someone has to clap when I go by.”


Dressed to the nines, glass slippers and all a horde of princesses danced the night away. Their thoughts were on naught but partying and the delicious miniature, sugar coated treats known as cupcakes. Thanks to the amazing work of both the Cupcake Scouts and their fearless leaders, a somewhat belated Valentine’s Day ball got to be held at the Oasis .



The amazing picture above consists of:

  • Doe: Arora (Two Tone Pastels)
  • *{Junbug}* Highland Ribbon Necklace [White]
  • *{Junbug}* La Boheme [Breeze]
  • *{Junbug}* Baroque Pumps [Beige]

Hard Rock in the Cafe


“May your coffee kick in before reality does…”

Coffee: (n) Survival juice

Coffee, otherwise known as the only socially acceptable drink in the world to keep you from cutting peoples heads off. Drinking a cup of coffee can come with many beneficial factors like you not ending up in orange, not having to go to court for murder, not having more than the average amount of murderous thoughts, and of course that wonderful spike of energy! So thank the espresso gods that DGO  has a place dedicated solely to coffee and donuts.

The fabulous outfit in the pic above contains:

  • Blueberry – Jimena – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Ombre 7
  • Tres Blah – Bib Tank Top – Rock
  • Lamb. Loomer – Eccentric Pack

We Donut Wear Rags!!


“You’re just jealous because we can act retarded in public and people will still love us.”

So to kick things off on what could very well be the worst thing to ever cross the face of earth, I thought I’d make an amazing post about me and my bestie Dee. She is quite possibly the best thing to ever happen in my life. She’s the James to my Bond, the hottest thing since Betty White and the coolest thing since sliced bread. Dee’s my other half and partner in crime so if you ever see me around then she probably won’t be that far behind.


The amazingly fabulous things you see me wearing in the pic are as follows:

  • Blueberry – Cake- Tight Leggings –Fat Pack
  • Vinyl – River Baggy Sweater Pak white
  • Doe: Arora (Two Tone) – Pastel