Maybe someday my prince will come


“We can’t all be princesses, someone has to clap when I go by.”


Dressed to the nines, glass slippers and all a horde of princesses danced the night away. Their thoughts were on naught but partying and the delicious miniature, sugar coated treats known as cupcakes. Thanks to the amazing work of both the Cupcake Scouts and their fearless leaders, a somewhat belated Valentine’s Day ball got to be held at the Oasis .



The amazing picture above consists of:

  • Doe: Arora (Two Tone Pastels)
  • *{Junbug}* Highland Ribbon Necklace [White]
  • *{Junbug}* La Boheme [Breeze]
  • *{Junbug}* Baroque Pumps [Beige]

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